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SFA: Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide intervention – course profile click here

Associate Tutor Training Development Programme – course profile click here

SFA: Suicide First Aid, was first designed and has developed as a one-day suicide prevention programme since 2002. From inception it has evolved into an internationally Assured, short educational course, covering 7 hours of tutor-lead, interactive learning, that forms the National Accredited Unit of Learning at level 4 in Suicide Prevention, for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It was field-trialled through 2013 to 2017 in England, Wales, Australia and Trinidad, as SFA: Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Intervention; its evidence base is exceptional and independent evaluations describe it as the Gold Standard in Suicide Prevention Training.

Accredited by City & Guilds Institute from 2013 to date and attaining 6 credits as a level 4 Accredited Unit of Learning on the Regulated Credit Framework across England and Wales (from 2018 the National Accredited Unit of Learning Framework), SFA is recognised as an Accredited Unit of Learning by City & Guilds, and can be provided by the C&G Approved Centre, SFA: Suicide First Aid (UK), in the UK and as a C&G Assured programme in over 87 countries across the world.

In sum, this is Gold Standard training because, uniquely;

SFAUSI is delivered by one tutor to a maximum of 16 learners over 7 hours.

Since creation this one day training solution has met the learning needs of multiple groups, from Police and other First Responders, through to clergy, veteran support providers, domestic abuse practitioners, community helpers, healthcare practitioners including primary and secondary care, in addition to housing, social care, security officers, armed forces, the education sector, accredited counsellers and more…

SFAUSI gives learners the tools and knowledge they need to understand suicide is one of the most preventable deaths, and that simple skills are all that are needed to help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts, and stay alive. SFA: Suicide First Aid, saves lives, for tomorrow.

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